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Stay fit and healthy with Croquet!

Croquet is one of the oldest recreational sports played in England dating back to the 1830’s when the game was originally called ‘crooky’. Today it is played by millions all over the world including the United States, where they refer to it as ‘Wickets’.

This fun outdoor activity is a great sport to play in order to keep fit and mobile and can be enjoyed by people from all age groups. Whether you are playing in a competitive league or as a casual pastime, there are many health benefits you can gain from taking part.

Ideal for all ages

This low impact game makes it an activity that can be enjoyed throughout your lifetime. The physicality’s of the game include walking, bending and swinging the mallet to hit a solid plastic ball, so there are no strenuous movements involved but a pre-match warm-up is advised!

Mentally stimulating

Like chess, croquet involves a lot of thought process to solve the puzzle but with the added element of physical movements. This makes it mentally challenging and a good form of exercise for your brain as well.

Opportunity to socialise

Playing croquet is a great way to get together with some friends and an excellent opportunity to meet new people if you decide to join a local club. At The Elms Retirement, our residents take part in the Torksey and District Croquet Club every week, so if you would like to take part to please contact Joe Laurenson on 01427 717846 for more information.

Stress reliever

Research suggests that you can also gain mental health benefits from playing leisure activities and sports. It helps to clear your mind, reduce stress levels plus it’s a great way to unwind and have some fun!

Being outdoors

The most valuable benefit to playing croquet or any other outdoor activity is that it gives you the excuse that you need to go outside and get a good dosage of fresh air. Sometimes that is all you need to clear your mind and reduce any tension and feelings of depression from staying indoors all the time.

Click here to view our residents in action at the Torksey and District Croquet Club.


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