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Is Senior Independent Living The Healthy Alternative to Traditional Care Home Living?

Senior independent living is often a term associated with post-retirement and retirement is something we all envisage in our lives at some stage.


Some people achieve it faster and some people still prefer to live an active working life post-retirement. However, thinking about your living situation once you reach the senior years can be quite a daunting thought. In the modern day however, Senior Independent Living is increasingly becoming a popular choice for people after they retire, especially if living an active lifestyle.


You may be thinking that it’s just a fancy way of saying living comfortably through your own means. Whilst this is true to some extent, statistics show that senior independent living is on the rise, due to an increase in the elderly becoming more independent. When you reach a certain age, you may be forced to seek some form of assisted living, which may force you to leave your home unwillingly.


… if you still have the mental and physical ability to live independently, then seeking a dedicated retirement village for example can be a great option to enhance your life after retirement. So if you’ve reached the age where you feel its time to look at your current living situation, then read on to see the different options you have available to you post-retirement.   

Retirees Enjoying Senior Independent Living Another Lovely Couple Enjoying Their Retirement Couple Living The Park Home Life

Post-retirement living can fall into one of 2 categories and even though on the onset they appear similar, there are significant differences in each of them.

1.) The Traditional Approach – Retirement Accommodation in Care Homes

Such living is probably the most common perception that people have of post retirement living. And this is care home living. This way of living is almost a hybrid of both care home type living and park home living. Retirement housing/apartments are usually setup to be slightly less independent as compared with retirement villages, but it is usually those that require assisted living that seek out such accommodation. Such facilities provide varying levels of care and assistance for those who need it. They are aimed at those who cannot quite live independently. You know that you will get the care you need on a daily basis but you will be sacrificing a portion of your independence if you choose this route.

2.) The Self Sufficient Approach – Retirement Communities UK wide

Retirement communities are probably as independent as it gets when it comes to Senior Independent Living, as you will ultimately be trading your current lifestyle for a more laid back, relaxed and hassle free way of living. Retirement communities/villages like The Elms for example, located in a beautiful location within the UK in Lincolnshire.


Whilst the village itself was created to almost be a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is located close to local amenities so you’ll never be too far from your everyday essentials. These communities are aptly named ‘retirement communities’ because they are tailor made for those who are active in their elderly years and want to be surrounded by like-minded people. They are not to be confused with care homes or assisted living, because you are responsible for yourself, but you are just surrounded by similar people. This option is increasingly becoming popular amongst retirees as it’s just about as independent as you can get. Not only is the emphasis on the independence, but also there are many other reasons to seek out a dedicated retirement villages.


Well yes…! Such properties can free up much of your equity and many people seek a retirement home because of this reason! Think about it; how much is your home worth? If you could sell it at the market value and purchase a retirement property, chances are you will free up your equity making life very comfortable for you. With the equity now free you could find yourself in a position where you can go on that annual cruise or holiday you’ve always wanted or even pay for some assisted care yourself if you choose too. Whatever your decision and whatever you choose to do with the time and money you’ve saved, you can rest assured that your life post retirement is yours and you can truly enhance it further.

Your Current Living Situation – The In’s and Out’s 

There are 2 very important questions you will want to ask yourself before you make a decision of whether to seek a dedicated form of Retirement Accommodation in a dedicated village, that forms your senior independent living lifestyle.

1.) How is you and your partners Health?

If you are currently able to live independently, i.e., get out and about to do the things you like and do the important things like get to the doctors and get to appointments without too much trouble, then independent living within a retirement village may just be for you. However, if your current health isn’t good and likely to worsen, then you must consider your options carefully.

2.) Are you able to maintain your current home with no problems?

If you are looking to move to a retirement property, then maintaining your home can actually prove to be easier for you. If you currently live in a home where the stairs are becoming harder to use and there are surplus rooms just waiting to be arranged, then a retirement property can benefit you. The majority of retirement properties are bungalows, where the emphasis is not placed on how high the home is, but how wide. This makes them much easier to maintain than your current home. If you are well enough to maintain your current home and garden then a retirement property can save you time and space in maintenance.

Is Moving Home After Retirement Difficult For Me at My Age?

You may be thinking that moving homes and changing your current living situation can be a daunting prospect. It is a major decision to make, but its one that can make your retirement fantastic beyond your expectations. The prospect of changing your living situation can make you feel nervy and uneasy, but what you have to bear in mind is you’re not alone. The rise of retirement village living has made it possible for you to open up a new chapter in your life and be around like-minded individuals and even develop new interests!

Living The Senior Independent Life Village Residents Mr and Mrs Butler Local Couple Enjoying Their Living

3 Myths about Senior Independent Living

Here are some of the common myths busted….

Myth – I will be sacrificing my independence if I choose to move to a Retirement Community… 

Truth – Not at all !!!

Moving to a Retirement Property is just as common as moving from one house to another. And the same rules apply. The home is completely yours and you can choose to decorate and furnish it anyway you like. In terms of location, if you find a retirement village in a place where everything is at your doorstep, then by no means will this be taking away your independence. The Elms for example is a retirement village located in a quiet, rural area which is close to local amenities which gives you the opportunity to get accustomed to your new surroundings quicker than you imagined.

Myth – Moving away will mean that my family can’t come to visit and look after me…. 

Truth – Retirement facilities were made to make life easier for you. And this doesn’t mean that your family can’t be there with you for the next phase of your life. And most retirement facilities allow your family to visit and stay with you as long as needed. Security is also something that is at the upmost importance for independent retirement facilities. The Elms for example has a gate on entrance, which means that no one unauthorised can enter the village without prior consent.

MythMoving to a retirement facility will mean I will have to give up my favourite hobbies such as gardening…. 

Truth – This is further from the truth! Retirement properties all have gardens attached which can allow you to continue your gardening hobby if need be. However, many retirement facilities also have many community-based activities that allow you to develop new hobbies! The Elms for example has many events and activities in and around the area such as Tai Chi, Walking Groups and Gardening Groups….


With all of the above in mind, its now over to you to begin thinking about what the next stage of your life looks like. Senior Independent Living is now on the rise as more and more retirees are looking to write a new chapter in their life. And this should inspire you to do the same! Embrace your retirement and plan your future! It’s never too late to do so… If you have any further questions or queries on anything related to senior independent living, then call The Elms today on 01427 718 243 or…. 

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