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7 Common Misconceptions About Retirement Communities & Villages

Are you looking into Retirement Communities? Do you have concerns about moving to a Retirement Village? Or are you simply looking to the future and exploring what to do after you retire?

Whatever your reason, there are many misconceptions people have when thinking about retirement communities. Thinking about retiring can be quite an exciting prospect as you’ve spent your entire life working hard, so it’s time to enjoy and enhance your quality of life. But did you know that moving to a dedicated retirement village is less daunting than you think. Here at The Elms, we’ve compiled a list of common misconceptions people have when thinking about retirement properties for sale –

Myth – 1.) Retirement Properties Depreciate faster and only have a limited lifespan

This is the most common misconception people have. Generally when people think of a retirement park, their immediate feeling is that the property will almost be like a caravan and lets face it, caravans are not worth as much as a house! But here at The Elms, this is further from the truth. The properties at The Elms all fall in line with market trends, so if the house prices increase within the housing market for example, the homes here at The Elms also increase accordingly. What makes The Elms even more special is that all the homes here can be refurbished further, which actually increases the value of the home!

side view of one of the properties   one of the larger properties at The Elms   2 bed bungalow within the Retirement Village

Myth – 2.) Moving to a dedicated Retirement Communities is going to be far too expensive

Well, did you know that here at The Elms, our homes start from as little as £65,000? There are not many luxury properties in the UK selling at this price, but at The Elms, it can go a very long way. Click here to see the properties we currently have for sale within The Elms – Available Properties

Myth3.) I will feel very lonely at a Retirement Village

Moving to a retirement village can be a very daunting experience at first. People generally think that moving away from familiar surroundings will be too difficult. But at The Elms, we have built a community of like-minded people who keep themselves busier than you’d imagine! With activities and events occurring regularly, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the village. Tai Chi, Art, Walking groups, Gardening Clubs are just a taste of some of the activities you can take part in on a daily basis. This in itself makes The Elms one of the prime retirement communities in the UK.

Croquet Club in Torksey Tai Chi at The Elms Herbal Walk at The Elms

Finding Stillness Workshop at The Elms Prime UK based Retirement Communities Golden Wedding Anniversary

Myth4.) I am interested in looking at Retirement Properties for Sale, but I fear I am too young to move to one

People often ask us if they are too young to move to The Elms. Well, just ask one of our youngest residents Sally Young. For her, moving to The Elms has turned out to be a life changing experience.

“I moved to The Elms 3 years ago as a 50 year old widow and it is one of the best decisions I could have made. When I first thought of retirement parks I imagined that everyone would be quite old, but that is not the case here, there are many at a similar age to myself and many of the older residents have been here for a considerable number of years and are still loving every minute! I absolutely love living at The Elms and it’s not just for ‘oldies’! Having fewer outgoings has meant I have been able to semi-retire and enjoy life and the lovely surroundings I live in.”

Myth – 5.) Retirement communities & villages are generally in awful locations

When we built The Elms in the 1970’s, our vision was for the village to be almost like a holiday location. We didn’t want residents just to come here and see out the rest of their lives, we wanted to create somewhere where people could actually enhance their lives! Our location in rural Lincolnshire, with its spot adjacent to the Fossdyke canal has brought our vision to life. We have created a peaceful and idyllic setting for our residents with woodland and canal side walks, over 10 acres of protected parkland, an abundance of wildlife and highly maintained grounds. With easy access to stunning rural attractions such as Lincoln Cathedral it really is the perfect spot to retire.

Beautiful night shot at the canal View of Our Retirement Village The View Alongside the Island Lake

The Ducks Taking a Stroll  Canal Mooring at The Elms Woodland walk area within The Elms

Myth – 6.) Retirement villages tend not to be very safe, especially if I live there on my own

Whilst our residents can come and go as they please, our retirement park is fully gated and secure, meaning that the only people who will have access to the area are the residents themselves. You will not have people you don’t know knocking at your door, as the barriers at the gates prevent this from happening. However, one of the features of The Elms is that there are no restrictions on how and when your family and friends can visit you.

Myth  – 7.) I would love to move to the Elms, but I feel I won’t sell my property fast enough

This is the most common fear that we have heard people say who come and visit The Elms. However, here at The Elms we offer a part exchange scheme where your property can be bought from you, and you can move to your dream home within The Elms sooner than you think! So if you’re looking for retirement properties, call us now to find out more. And you soon can immerse yourself within one of the best retirement communities in the UK.

Get in touch with The Elms today and see how we can enhance your life after your retirement! Call us now on 01427 718 243….

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