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Why Luxury Retirement Homes May be More Profitable Than You Think…

Have you ever caught yourself thinking ‘When I retire, I can’t wait to live a life of luxury’! This is the dream for many, but sadly this doesn’t necessarily reflect reality for others. However, if you are over 50 and you’re looking to start a new chapter in your life – have you considered moving into a retirement property within a luxury retirement village? This change can be all you need in making your post retirement life as well appointed as possible!

Here’s The Deal…  

…. you may now be thinking that anything with the word ‘luxurious’ attached to it will have a huge price tag. As such, the term ‘luxury retirement homes’ may have this stigma attached too, but here at The Elms, we want to show that this isn’t the case. And the life you so richly deserve is closer than you think!

One of the luxury retirement homes here Another Elms Property  Brand new kitchen from The Elms

Brand New Bathroom here at The Elms View from gate in garden Luxury Lounge from The Elms

So why and how can luxury retirement homes be so desirable and affordable? Read on to see exactly how….

Reason Number 1 – PRICE

A lavish retirement home is not as expensive as you may think! Here at The Elms, the home of your dreams can start from as little as £65,000. This is where life can get particularly interesting for you because this may enable you to release some financial equity into your life. Giving you the annual holiday opportunity you always dreamed about, or finally plan that cruise that you have always wanted to go on.

Its More Affordable Than You Think…. 

You now however may be thinking that selling your home and moving to a luxury retirement property may indeed be the solution you have been seeking, in enjoying the more active years of your retirement – and this is absolutely true. And here at The Elms, we take it a step further by making it easier for you to relocate to our retirement village!

Reason Number 2 – Part Exchange Scheme

If you now have the vision of living within a lavish retirement village you may be wondering how quickly you can make the process happen. Whether you are struggling to sell your home or just wanting to make the process easier on yourself – The Elms have partnered up with Silverbridge Properties who will organize an exchange between your current property with one from the Elms. Which can make the exchange process easier for you. Taking you one step closer to the luxury lifestyle you always desired.

…And its a lot simpler than you think

So now you may be at the point where you’re excited about your life post retirement with what you’ve just read, but there is more to further fuel your excitement. Along with the price and part exchange factors, there’s more to luxury retirement living than you can imagine!

Reason Number 3 – Location

Location, Location, Location….

We often hear our residents say that since they arrived at The Elms, their lifestyle almost feels like they’re on a permanent holiday! Our location is close to the local amenities and situated within a beautiful tranquil location within the Lincolnshire countryside. There are regular events on the park further enhancing the quality of your life. And you can even moor your canal if you choose too!

Picking up new interests and hobbies post retirement is much easier than you think here at The Elms. Just ask our current residents!

Life Begins at…. Whatever Age You Want it Too!

We will end by saying that we have been established for well over 35 years and have always wanted our retirement park to be one of the most luxurious retirement parks here in the UK. And we believe we have achieved this and continue to do so year after year. Along with this, we have created a luxury retirement community that goes hand in hand with the luxury village we have created.

The Truth is… The Possibilities are Endless

Imagine that wonderful holiday you went on that you can never forget and made you think, “I can enjoy this life of Luxury”, well the answer lies within The Elms where we have created a vision of luxury and a lifestyle of tranquility. This reality is a lot closer than you think! So if you’re looking for luxury retirement homes, where you can invest your financial equity into your enjoyment, then look no further than The Elms Retirement Park.

Take Action…. And Live That Life of Luxury

Have a look at the video below to see more of the Elms Luxury Retirement Village. And call us on 01427 718 243 to find out more…



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