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Park Homes Prices UK

If you are doing research on park homes prices in the UK, then the chances are that you are looking to enhance your life post retirement. And why not! Because a wonderful world awaits you and one that you will fall very comfortably in love with – and we can quite confidently make this statement as over the last 40 years, this is what we have done for our residents!

Here at The Elms, our prices are amongst the most affordable in the UK, but we do not compromise on the quality and luxurious feel of our homes. Since our early days in the 1970s, our retirement park has gone through many changes. The main change has been the natural evolution of our park and retirement homes. We have always refined our style with the input of the residents over the years and through keeping up with the times. Take a look at some of our available properties, to get a feel for the prices involved.

Affordable & Stunning Park Homes – Prices Below

A Diverse Price Range Tailored For You

As can be seen, our park homes start at £65,000 and head up towards £145,000. But what makes them incredibly unique is that each property is completely different, with its own features and benefits. So if you are doing your research into park homes prices UK, then take a closer look at The Elms Retirement Village. And over the past 40 years, we have attracted residents from far and wide! So if you are concerned about moving or about the retirement park in general then read what some of our residents have to say here.

Why Our Prices Are Different To The Traditional Property Market

A lot can be made of the current property market here in the UK. With many people saying that house prices are at an all time high and its more difficult than its ever been to purchase a home whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned one. And when it comes to purchasing a home in your post-retirement years, you want to make the process as simple and stress free as you can. This is why our park homes prices are amongst the most affordable in the UK. And the one thing we pride ourselves on is the quality of the homes that we have created. The community in itself that we have built is priceless! But add our high quality homes to the mix and you have a recipe for success. In and amongst this, we also have made the whole buying and moving process easier for you, as if you are struggling to sell your property, we have a part exchange scheme in place for you. Click here to learn more about our Part Exchange Scheme.

Get Ready For The Next Stage of Your Life….

We have a variety of retirement properties for sale, and welcome any questions or queries you may have. The value we offer on our properties is incredible and we are proud to be an award winning retirement park. Call us on 01427 718 243 to get more info about our park homes prices UK, or any questions you may have about The Elms in general.

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