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New & Exciting Hobbies to Take Up This Autumn

With the leaves becoming firey in appearance and the cold snap in full-effect, it has become pretty obvious that autumn has well and truly set in.

At this time of year, it’s easy to succumb to the pre-winter blues, but fear not! There are plenty of interesting and at times unusual hobbies, both indoor and outdoor, that can help alleviate the boredom that the change in the seasons can bring.

So, without further ado, Elms Retirement Village presents our list of hobbies that you should definitely try this Autumn.

Lighten up your home by trying candle making

Nothing gives out a warming feeling quite like candles, they illuminate a home with soft light and can really make a house feel homely.

Whilst the effects of candlelight can be especially soothing when it’s bitterly cold outside, buying luxury candles can be a bit of an expense. However, in learning to make them yourself not only will you bypass the expense but you’ll also learn a new skill, not to mention they’re ideal as a gift for loved ones.

Walk like a Viking? Try out Nordic walking

Not all autumnal hobbies are confined to indoors. On especially cold days it might be tempting to stay at home in the warm, however, getting fresh air and the blood pumping is just as important late in the year as it is in the sunnier months. After all, a good way to combat the “bracing” air temperatures of November is with a good bit of exercise!

Nordic walking uses ski poles for support and delivers a fairly intensive full-body workout, not to mention it allows you to get out into nature as well as socialise with other like-minded people. Just remember to wrap up warm. It’s chilly outside.

Learn how to paint

With the picturesque change in the scenery that Autumn brings there’s no better time to pick up your brush and canvas.

Painting is a versatile hobby that you can partake of both indoors and outdoors, whether your preference is landscapes or portraits, modernist or surrealist, painting is both stimulating and therapeutic. What’s more, painting is a free form of expression, you can take it as far as you like.

Patchwork Quiltmaking

Not only is this hobby creative but it’s also practical too! You can create a stylish new way to warm up this autumn. Don’t worry about sewing machines, if you have a needle and thread handy you can learn this craft by hand.

However, you choose to spend your time this autumn, be sure to have a relaxing one. If any of the activities here don’t suit then you can always take the time to explore your local area. At ‘The Elms’ there is a wealth of activities you can undertake include our picturesque woodland walks, which look especially beautiful in the autumn.

If you’re looking to retire and are thinking about moving to a leisurely environment to spend your retirement in, contact us today.


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