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How to choose the perfect retirement home for you

Deciding on the ideal retirement home for yourself can be quite nerve-racking, with so many different options to choose from, plus you will have your own set of requirements, which you are totally entitled to, after all, the place you choose has to be perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

Do your research

Looking around online is a great starting point for finding a retirement home. But just like buying a house, it is not the same as going to view the place in person. Select a few retirement park homes and locations that you are interested in and arrange a time to go and view the property. That way you will get to experience the surroundings, location and get a feel for the environment.

Always go with an open mind when viewing retirement homes, as each property is different. If you’re used to a family home, then it all may seem a bit different as some of the properties may be of a bungalow style.

Lifestyle choices

Having an indication of the type of lifestyle you’d like to have after retirement is important to consider when looking for a retirement home. These are the type of questions you need to be asking yourself when deciding:

Do you want to live in the countryside with lots of wildlife and nature?

Do you prefer city life?

Would you like to live close by to friends and family?

Are you looking for a quiet location?

Do you need easy access to local transport?

Local area checks

If you find a retirement home that you like, be sure to check out the surrounding area and what is available to you. If you will be requiring public transport, it’s worth checking to see how far the nearest bus stop is. Is it of a walkable distance?

Check out the local dining places, cafes, shops etc and other amenities that you think you’ll need close by.

Your personal requirements

With so much to consider when finding the right retirement home, you don’t want to be making any significant compromises. You still should be able to do all the things you planned to do in your retirement years. So if you have any particular hobbies you’d like to pursue, then make sure you consider those during your search.

The last thing you’d want is to be restricted from the things you love doing the most due to the location or area.


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