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Easy ways to keep in-touch with your loved ones

It goes without question that everyone’s lives have been affected by the recent pandemic, our priorities are to stay healthy, stay safe, and to stay inside. 

We know how challenging and difficult these times are and the one thing that most of us want to do is to spend time being close to our family, friends and everyone else we hold dear. Out of love, we are protecting those who mean the most to us by staying away – Although communication doesn’t need to stop entirely. 

To help you stay connected, we have gathered some information and simple methods of communication you can use to keep in touch with your family while staying in the safety of your own home. 

For Mobile & Tablet Devices

If you own a smartphone you can download a variety of apps to keep you connected with your loved ones. 


Facetime  Best for small groups

Apple devices already have a video call app installed to the device; Facetime is a great feature to use, it allows you to seamlessly go from audio call to video call with no unnecessary technical difficulty. The only downside to Facetime is your recipient needs to also have an Apple device.  


Facebook Messenger  Best for two users

We know that many of you use Facebook, so you probably are familiar with Facebook Messenger; Facebook messenger allows you to video call, anyone on your friend’s list as long as they have access to a supporting device. Facebook video is best used between two users, any more than that and you may experience slow connectivity. 

There are multiple other apps you can use for mobile and tablet devices, we’ve listed some below: 



Google Duo 

For Computers & Laptops 

Using your laptop or desktop is an easy hands-free way to communicate with your friends and family using hands-free, below we have listed our top apps to use for video calling: 


Zoom  Best for large groups

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually speak with others. Zoom allows you to communicate with many methods, either by video-only or audio-only or with a text chat. 

Zoom has become a favourite amongst users due to its “tile screen” which allows you to be able to view and hear everyone in the call clearly – even if you have multiple users in the call. 

To use Zoom you will need a supportive computer or laptop and a free account. 


Skype Best for small groups using multiple devices 

Skype has been a popular communication software for years, you can again communicate with audio-only, video-only and text chat – with the added benefit that any device can support the app, meaning everyone can have access to skype. 

Other notable apps

Google Hangouts




It’s important to mention that all of the mentioned apps above will only work if you have a secure internet/ wi-fi connection. 

So there you go, hopefully, we have given you an insight into some of the easiest methods of communicating with your loved ones through video apps, but please remember if you do not have access to a video supporting device you need not worry, as something as simple as picking up the phone will give you that piece of human interaction we all need. 


During this time it is easy to feel deflated and somewhat challenged, although we must stress that this is only temporary, if we stay optimistic and supportive together as a community we can pull through. 

Stay well. 



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