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Best Places to Retire in the UK 2017

Ever ask yourself which are best places to retire in the UK? Well within the UK at the moment, there are many dedicated retirement villages and communities that exist – each with their own unique features and selling points. Now if you’re looking at this blog, the chances are that you’re looking for a place to retire for yourself and collating information to make an informed decision. This article will give you food for thought, as it is an important life altering decision to make. So sit back, relax and keep an open mind as we give you the vital information you need to see which are the best places to retire in the UK for 2017.

Having done your research up to this point, you may already have an idea of the location you have in mind where you want to retire. However, here at The Elms, we want to give you more to think about when it comes to retirement. Areas like Dorset, Somerset, Sussex and Norfolk often get mentioned as some of the best locations to retire. However, these areas and properties come with a larger price tag. Here at The Elms, our luxury park homes are certainly more affordable, with all the luxurious features still intact! And with Lincolnshire fast becoming a popular choice for retirees to settle, you stand a better and more equipped chance of truly living the life of your dreams – that is if you choose to retire within Lincolnshire at The Elms!

The Best Choices of Retirement Accommodation in Lincolnshire

You may be thinking to yourself what is it about Lincolnshire that makes it so popular with retirees? And what makes it so attractive and appealing? Well Lincoln is a beautiful and historic town, edged deep within the roots of British history. And many of the period features of the town still exist today. This is what makes it a popular point for tourists from far and wide, which is why the town is not only proving to be popular with retirees, but many people in general who speak highly of the town, which has something for everybody.

Lincolnshire by Numbers – Statistics

The following statistics are taken from –

– Lincolnshire is now the second fastest growing county in the UK with thousands of people moving here every year.
– Over the next two decades Lincolnshire is set to grow both in population and economy with the help of the Government’s Growth Points strategy.
– Lincolnshire has been awarded £13 million in funding to deliver sustainable development and intensive growth through sites of key regional significance.
– In essence, the target for Lincoln is 14,000 new homes and 12,000 new jobs by 2026 whilst the target for Grantham is an additional 3,200 homes by 2017 and at least 6,200 by 2026.
– This housing growth will be supported by the provision for 4,800 jobs by 2017.


So there are huge plans here in Lincolnshire to make the place bigger and better than it already is. In terms of everyday living here, you do not have to go far to find the best local amenities. When it comes to shopping in Lincolnshire, there is the usual brand of high street shops, but there are also a number of ways you can get access to local produce. There is a real individual touch to the shops here and there are regular farmers markets – so you are guaranteed to get the best of the local specialties.

Lincolnshire is the 4th largest county in the UK and its biggest attributes lay within the large open spaces that exist. And there are many access points to lakes and waterways, with the Fossdyke encompassing a large marina for you to moor your canal if you choose too.

In terms of Retirement accommodation, here at The Elms, we offer something very different to the traditional way you may have thought that retirees live. Now you may be in a position to buy a home in the more expensive parts of England where it will cost you in excess of £500,000 to get that dream home and location. But what if we could tell you that we can offer you a beautiful home in a prime location at a fraction of the cost! Well this is very much available to you at The Elms. Just imagine if you will, what you could do with that extra capital. You could buy a home at The Elms and then maybe have enough stored away to invest in a holiday home abroad! Or maybe even enough to book that annual cruise…The possibilities are endless and the opportunity awaits.

The Elms Luxury Retirement Village

So now you know what’s available to you within Lincolnshire and what makes the town so attractive, but you may be thinking well what makes The Elms so attractive, and would should I uproot my current life and move here. And why is The Elms such a prime place to look for park homes in Lincolnshire? Well these are great questions and often get asked by many visitors. The best way to answer it is not give you a list that sells us to you. We’d rather let our residents do the talking.

Village Residents Mr and Mrs Butler

Mr & Mrs Butler “We moved to The Elms in 2012 after living in Staffordshire for over 46 years – and being as though we were aged 75 & 70 it seemed like daunting prospect, but it is one we haven’t regretted.”

Loving Couple Living Independently

Mr & Mrs Bickley  “We found The Elms through some internet searches, but we knew we had to sell our home first, which we were struggling to do. Having spoken to The Elms in more detail, we were unaware that they had a part exchange scheme available. Within weeks of enquiring further about this, we were ready to move into our new Elms property! “

To read more about these residents, and many more click on

The Elms Retirement Park is exactly that, it is a big area of land in rural Lincolnshire that we have made into a Retirement Village/Park. The perception that many people have when it comes to retirement villages is that they are just a bunch of mini homes or caravans crammed into a space of land. Well this is further from the truth as here at The Elms, the properties that are available are reflective of everyday life. The properties here are of market value, and are completely in line with the housing market, thus eliminating the idea of our village being like a caravan park! So if you buy a home here, you can rest assured that if you want to sell it, you stand a huge chance in making a profit – but we don’t want you to sell it! We want you to live out the more active years of your life here at The Elms, as we have built up a fantastic retirement community of people who live completely independently. And with our beautiful location that has access to local amenities, you will think that you are on a permanent holiday! Click to view our Park Homes For Sale

Elms Park Homes Elms Retirement Home 17 Fossdyke Walk One of the luxury retirement homes

So to answer the question of where the best place in the UK is to retire, then simply put, The Elms within Lincolnshire is a place that has it all! It’s beautiful, peaceful, safe and more than affordable than you think. And this is why we declare Lincolnshire and The Elms as one of the best places to retire in the UK !

To find out more about what The Elms can offer you, get in touch today and we will be happy to talk to you further. Call us on 01427 718243 or….
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