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Volunteering for retirees

Until recently, the word ‘retirement’ might have evoked images of people finishing working and pottering around their garden and enjoying the quiet life. But with both men and women living longer and enjoying better health into their later years, retirement has become an extremely active phase of life, allowing many seniors the time to devote to causes and interests close to their heart.

We have put together a list of activities in the area that may be of interest to you. They could be a fulfilling way to spend your retirement years.

1. Volunteer as a First Responder

Why not help your local first responders? First responders work alongside the ambulance service, they are sent out to attend to patients that are suffering with such things as difficulties with breathing, cardiac arrest suspicion, someone collapsing and help with chest pain. You will be sent all around your community and be responsible for immediate life support (use of oxygen and defibrillation) within the first few minutes before the paramedics arrive. You may also as a first responder, be required to provide support to family members. Work schedules are on a rota system with other first responders and you will be contacted when needed by text message.

2. Lincoln Castle

This year, 2015, will mark the 800th anniversary of Lincoln’s historic Magna Carta. The castle is looking for positive and dedicated people to join their new volunteer team, with lots of opportunities for everyone. You only have to give up a couple of hours a week if you want or you can spend an entire day there.

More Info:

3. Lincoln Library

Lincoln Library has a multitude of opportunities to get involved in, as of this post there are positions for a ‘Computer buddy’, someone to help people having computer trouble. Someone to help set out and run craft events, along with a ‘Storytime’ assistant, helping read stories to young children and help them get into reading. It is not only the main Library that needs volunteers, this is a link to the opportunities available on the Lincoln County Council website.

4. Become a Volunteer Driver

Like the First Responders, volunteer patient transport (PTS) work alongside the local Lincolnshire Paramedical Team. PTS volunteers make more than one million journeys every year across the UK, your duties would include taking people to and from the local hospitals outpatient appointments section, as well as to treatment centres and any other health facilities needed by the hospital.

5. Volunteer Walker

Do you feel the need to get out and about in the countryside more often, or do you simply love the outdoors and would like to help keep the heritage of local countryside walks?

You can now play an active role in helping the local council manage Lincolnshire’s public rights of way!

You need no previous experience in leading walk groups or knowing the routes of walks since all training will be given, along with any equipment needed and any information you may need to get started.

6. Work on the Canals

Here is a cause close to our hearts, living close to Torksey Lock as we do, the Canal and River Trust is always looking for volunteers to help to keep the Canal flowing. You could adopt a section of the canal and keep the plants and area looking good, become a volunteer Lock Keeper or become part of the Towpath Taskforce.

Here is a link to the volunteering section of the Canal and River Trust website.



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