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The Truth About Retirement Homes…. Revealed!

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of Park Homes? For many, it’s a thought of being left in a strange place, away from everyday familiar life. There is often a stigma attached that when you reach a certain age, you loose your sense of drive and passion for life and are essentially put out to pasture. Its almost an unwritten rule that when you reach a certain age, park home living is almost seen as a way to be put out to pasture – but this is further from the truth! So what’s the best way to find out before you buy? Lets let some of the residents of The Elms Retirement Park reveal the truth about Elms Retirement Homes and why this way of living is not to be feared and how it can, and should be, some of the most enjoyable times of your life!

Case Study 1 – Mr. Bennett

“I previously knew nothing about park home living before moving to a retirement village in 2003. After viewing many different parks, I finally settled for one as I was sure it was going to be a pleasure for me to live here – ten years later it has lived up to the expectation and would recommend this to anyone”!

Our Resident Mr Bennett

There are many out there that can relate to Mr. Bennett’s story. Before he moved into his retirement property, he knew nothing about park homes and park home living. But the moment he looked into this world, a lot of his fears and reservations were put aside. It can be quite a daunting prospect of moving home when you reach a certain age, let alone a park home. You may have concerns about being away from family and friends, just like Mr & Mrs Butler did…

Case Study 2 – Mr. & Mrs. Butler

“We moved to The Elms Retirement Park after living in Staffordshire for 46 years! It was a huge step for us especially since we were aged 75 and 70! But its one we haven’t regretted! We’ve felt as if we have never lived anywhere else! If we won the lottery would we move? – NO WAY! Because our quality of life is fantastic – we do more now than we have ever done – and long may it continue!”

Elms Residents Mr and Mrs Butler

Moving from Staffordshire to Lincolnshire (where The Elms is located) is not something you can say is around the corner. It’s a complete lifestyle change, especially during your early 70s! But this did not stop Mr. and Mrs. Butler. How many people in their same situation would change their lives like they did? This is because they never stopped striving for the type of lifestyle they always wanted. And this is proof that you can make a positive change in your life at any age – even at age 50! Just like Sally Young. Now it’s not often that you hear people say that they are not old enough to move into a parkhome, but Sally had different reasons for doing so.

Case Study 3 – Sally Young

 “I moved to The Elms a few years ago when I was 50. When I first thought of retirement homes, I imagined that everyone would be quite old, but its not just for the ‘oldies’. Moving here has significantly decreased my outgoings which means I am truly able to enjoy semi-retirement”.

Another one of Our Parkhome Residents

Sally is proof that park home living is not just for the ‘oldies’! And she is enjoying semi-retirement. In this day and age, not many people in that same age group can say that. But people fail to realise just how much they can benefit from an investment in a park home. Prices can start from as little as £65,000 and can free you up to enjoy your life just as Sally is.

We’ve assessed 3 residents at The Elms and addressed how they are getting on with park home living. We’ve discovered that Elms Retirement Homes are –

–      NOT just for the elderly

–      NOT just a place where you are left on the shelf

–      And certainly NOT expensive as you may have first thought.

It can actually be a sound financial investment that can free you up to indulge in that annual family holiday you’ve always wanted or even purchase that canal boat you’ve always dreamed of! Or moor at our dedicated Canal Boat Mooring pontoons Whatever you wanted out of life but never quite achieved can still be achieved! And investing in a retirement home can be the start of this adventure.

To get more information about Elms Retirement Homes, call us on 01427 718 243 and we will be happy to help!

Our Properties

360 Tour

45 360 Tour
45 Foot Bedroom
45 Foot Kitchen

45×13 Foot Property

From £65000
This park home co-ordinates luxurious carpets and curtains with subtle wall covering and distinctive fittings.
This, the smaller of the homes available at The Elms is surprisingly spacious inside and still offers two double bedrooms, bathroom, cloakroom, kitchen/diner and lounge. Doors from the home lead directly onto the property garden with a pathway down…

View specifications

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360 Tour

46 360 Tour
40 Foot Exterior
46 Foot Exterior

46×15 Foot Property

From £95000
The overall interior is beautifully styled with a refreshing modern lean on the traditional flavour our retirement homes have always provided.
This home is the medium sized property and offers a more spacious option to the usual so named ‘single’ home. These homes have one large bay window on the front aspect and as with all homes come with two…

View specifications

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360 Tour

42-44 360 Tour
42-44 Foot Exterior
42-44 Foot Kitchen

42-44×20 Foot Property

From £99000
Traditional styles and craftsmanship in each room
The so named ‘Twin’ homes are the largest property size at The Elms being 20’ wide offering two large bay windows on the front aspect. The homes can come in a small variety of lengths and many also come…

View specifications

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