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Top 6 Places to Visit in Lincolnshire

Being as though we are based here in Lincolnshire, we are obviously going to be biast and say that Lincolnshire is the best place to live in the UK! Quite the bold statement, but there is lots to do here! And here at The Elms, we may be home to one of the finest Retirement Villages here in the UK, but there is so much to see. The question is where do you start? Our residents here at the park come from far and wide but all agree that Lincolnshire has lots to offer. So if you are planning a weekend away here or even looking to move then we have complied a list of top 6 places to visit in Lincolnshire. Obviously there are more, but we will give you our top 6 to start with.

1.) Lincoln Cathedral 

Probably the most infamous place to visit in Lincolnshire, the Cathedral was once the tallest building in the world! Situated at the top of Steep Hill, the cathedral is a must see for anyone visiting Lincolnshire.

The cathedral is edged in stone as one of the most historic buildings in the UK. In the 11th century, William the Conqueror commissioned the building and was eventually completed in 1092. In 1300, it became the tallest building in the world – this lasted until 1549.

Today, the cathedral is the focal point for many visitors, as there is something for everyone to see. Floor tours are available and run throughout the year. Floor tours usually last around an hour, and cover all elements which includes the history and architecture as it relates to the cathedral.

To find out more about prices and opening times click here to find out…

2.) Doddington Hall & Gardens  

Another historical period building with stunning features and gardens to view and visit… The Doddington Hall building itself has been in existence since 1600 and has never been sold since! A visit to Doddington offers a vast insight into family life through the ages. And also gives an insight into the challenges of looking after such an estate in the 21st century.

Today, the Halls and Garden are very much open to the public, with group bookings for private tours and school visits being very common. Exclusive guided tours are also available. There is also much more to do here. To find out more, visit the website.

3.) Steephill  

Steep Hill is the most visited street in the UK! And the name says it all. We challenge you to visit the street and experience the steepness for yourself! The street itself is home to many shops and stores – which are widely popular. Again, there is an element of history steeped within the street! (No pun intended), as its almost walking back in time, but with a modern eclectic of shops, stores and places to eat. To find out more about the shops available on the street, click here:

4.) Museum of Lincolnshire Life  

Pretty self-explanatory this one, and is free to enter! The museum of Lincolnshire life is a historical collection of Lincoln life from 1750 to the present day.  The Museum of Lincolnshire Life offers a wide range of services including exhibitions in a community gallery, group quiz sessions and an education program linked to the National Curriculum. (Cite:

5.) The Collection Museum

The Collection Museum is Lincolnshire’s premier Art and Archeology museum. Operated by Lincolnshire County Council, the museum also works in conjunction with the City of Lincoln Council, Arts Council England and various other institutions to add a stamp of quality and assurance. And again, this Museum is free to enter. Click here to find out more about the Museum.

6.) Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Something slightly further out but still within the boundaries of Lincolnshire, the Natureland has something to offer the entire family. Based within Skegness, the Sanctuary was initially a place of rescue for baby seals where they would be treated and cared for and then eventually returned to their natural environment. However, the home is now home to Penguins, Meerkats, Tropical Birds, Sea Life Exhibit and much more. Click to see more about what’s on offer at Natureland –

So these are our top 6 places to visit in Lincolnshire, but there are a whole host of others. And obviously when it comes to the top retirement villages in the area, look no further than The Elms! If you’re in the market for Park Homes in Lincolnshire, then get in touch with us.


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