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Is Over 55 Living Tough in The Modern Age?

Are you over 55 and worried about your finances or what the future may hold? A recent study shows that more than 60% of over 55’s worry about their finances and getting through to retirement with very minimal financial worries. And in the modern day, this figure continues to grow. With the cost of living in general going up and life just moving at a much faster rate, this is no surprise….

So what are the solutions?

Here at The Elms, we’ve put together an exclusive retirement park / village, where over 50s can reside and see out their retirement and beyond in dedicated retirement homes. Most of the residents had the notion and vision that they could clear up their finances by selling their home and freeing up equity by moving into a retirement property here at The Elms and enjoy park home living.

So is one possible solution to downgrade the size of your existing home?

Many of our residents have done exactly this, and are now living comfortably within the confines of a retirement village. This is an excellent way to really invest in your future and free up equity.

With house prices at an all time high here in the UK, many people in general are downgrading the size of their home to save money. This is why there has been a boost in sales over the last decade for people choosing to purchase and live in a dedicated retirement village. Here at The Elms, we have over 339 properties that are classified as retirement properties, where people over the age of 50 can purchase a home, just as normal, but here you will be moving into a retirement community – where you will be surrounded by other people over the age of 50. This is by no means a care home, but a village where over 50s can reside. It doesn’t matter whether you’re retired or not, if your over 50, then you meet the requirements to purchase a retirement property here at The Elms.

But what can buying a retirement property achieve?

So whilst you think that life over 55 is quite a daunting prospect, here at The Elms we offer a viable solution for you to free up any equity you have on your existing home, and possibly even live mortgage free!

Just like one of our residents Sally Young –

So with Sally’s story in mind, if you’re concerned with over 55 living, then here at The Elms we can offer a huge way to lift that weight.

Get in touch with us today to see some of our Available Properties. Or click below to request a free brochure.

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