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Just how Granny used to make it!

Or in this case….how they did it in the 17th Century!  Here at The Elms Park for the over 50’s we recently did a ‘hands on with herbs’ experience for our residents to discover and enjoy.

“Our gardens and cupboards are packed full of ingredients that we can without too much time and effort utilise to create our own natural healthcare remedies.” said Debbie Lincoln, who is an established herbal practitioner.  “There are a wide range of everyday ailments such as colds, coughs, sore throats, and so on which can be treated naturally by anyone; you don’t have to be a qualified herbalist for this level of self-care.”

Residents, were guided by Debbie to make for themselves a simple foot powder which included Lavender, Peppermint and Thyme from the garden; a range of herb and spice ‘pills’ for coughs, colds and digestion including Trosses for the Sea (a 17th century recipe) and had the pleasure of sampling Elderberry Rob for support against colds and flu, dandelion ‘coffee’ – a great liver herb full of minerals and finally some Hawthorn berry tincture which is a beneficial remedy for the heart.

Debbie explained how at this time of year we can start to prepare ourselves for winter.  She went on to explain that we need time within the year to rest and restore and we can help support our body through the winter with immune boosting and restorative syrups, teas and tinctures.

Residents happily chatted with Debbie as they made their remedies to take home, sharing stories of what they made as children with their parents and grandparents and also picked up some free herb health tips for friends and family!

Debbie is passionate about preserving and passing on the wise wisdom of our predecessors to ensure this wonderful, low cost and empowering way of supporting our health is not lost;  “I believe it is hugely important that this knowledge is passed on so that we remain connected with the natural world, and don’t lose the ability to look after ourselves,”

To learn more about Debbie Lincoln’s herbalist practice, visit her website


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