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From France to the UK

When we decided to return to the UK in 2010 there was that big decision to be made-  where to live and what to buy. Euros into £s does not work favourably.  The large detached property we had, complete with large garden, in a rural area of France would be hard to replace.  We were also concerned about safety. My daughter and son live near the South coast, but property there is expensive. Val’s children live in Bedfordshire and we opted to base ourselves within 2 hours of there. We looked at flats, bungalows and park homes. We looked at villages, small towns and near the coast.  Nothing met our requirements. The Elms was a shot in the dark Val picked it up on the net.

The park looked lovely but we wondered if the prices and upkeep would be out of our range. We made an appointment with Ann Fillingham and came to view.  Ann spent a good few hours with us, listening to what we wanted and showing us around the show homes and homes for sale. To our delight we discovered that the range of property means there is something suitable for most budgets. There was no pressure whatsoever in fact Ann encouraged us to go away, think about it and come back as many times as we needed to make sure we made the right decision.

We continued to look at other property but we kept coming back to The Elms as it ticked all the boxes:  security, location, environment, no pets, no children, and extremely friendly, like-minded residents. The park is one of the most spacious we have found, with incredible views and the wild-life is a tremendous bonus.

Living at the Elms allows us to enjoy all the positive aspects we enjoyed about living in France, but without the constant travelling and worrying about the falling euro and its effect on prices when we are on a fixed income: ie – our British pensions.  We’ve been here since January 2011, long enough to realise that it is the best move we have ever made and between us we have moved house 22 times!   We won’t be doing it again.


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